How to Use Stellio Music PlayerStellio on your Android device

Here I am to tell you more about Stellio Music PlayerStellio, an Android app which is there to help you when it comes to managing your generous music collection and not only.

I actually find this new Android music app as being able to offer you the best experience while listening to the latest songs, so that is why I invite you to continue reading and to learn how to use it properly on your own Android based smartphone or tablet!

When it comes to managing music, Stellio has everything that you might expect from a professional music player and here I have more details for those who are interested:

How to Use Stellio Music PlayerStellio:

  1. Stellio Music PlayerStellio can be taken from here;
  2. Up next, there is nothing stopping you from installing it on your device;
  3. Launch it right away;
  4. Upon the first launch, it will load all your songs; let me tell you that the app is faster than you might imagine as long as it is only a matter of seconds;
  5. The main page contains all of your songs along with artist name and song duration;
  6. All you have to do is to pull down from this page to refresh your songs list;
  7. Swipe to right to access the sidebar which has quick links to albums, artists, genre, playlist, folders, equalizer, as well as app settings;
  8. You can also enter into the app settings in order to access options like sleep timer, crossfade, themes, along with no less than two plugins for Dropbox and VKontakete;
  9. Are you worried about the battery life of your Android device? Then, the Power-saving mode is waiting for you. All you have to do is to enable this function in order to turn off animations and automatic cover download to reduce some battery drain or you can also find more tips on this topic from these guides: Improve battery life with Pixel Off for any Android based Device; Extend Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge Battery Life; Improve Battery Life on HTC One M9; Solve Battery Drain and Deep Sleep problems on Rooted Galaxy S6; How to Easily Improve Battery Life on any Android Smartphone / Tablet and more;
  10. Just as you might be expecting, the notification controls can be customized too; for example, feel free to change the colours of background and texts, according to your own wish.

I bet that you like all these, but there is a catch that you should know about. Stellio comes as a ten days demo option. After these ten days, you have to spend around Rs. 40 (less than a dollar) if you want to continue using it.

This is only your decision to take!

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