Dark Sky and Its Special Hyperlocal Accuracy

I have 5 or 6 weather apps on my Android devices right now, but this is my go to every single time. I am talking about Dark Sky  which is one of the most popular weather apps for other platforms and it finally came to Android earlier this year as well. In just a few words, it has an amazing interface and I totally love its special “hyperlocal” accuracy can tell you within minutes of when it is going to rain.

Besides that, Dark Sky gives you all basic weather information — current temperature, highs and lows, precipitation information, windspeed, humidity and so on. So, I basically make no mistake by saying that this is a great weather app that can go beyond how the weather looks by the numbers and tells you how it actually feels.

Are all these right? I can assure you that Dark Sky is very accurate and believe it or not, you can get detailed information on the week ahead, hour by hour with no mistake.

A handy map feature shows you where the rain or the snow is, worldwide, at any given time, so what more could you be asking for? And you’ve got a wealth of notification options, including the regular daily summary that you can get from other similar apps, as well as next-hour precipitation, severe weather alerts, and custom alerts based off your own variables.

Could all these be too much and disrupt you from your night sleep? In such a case, let’s not leave aside the app’s special do-not-disturb mode so you won’t be bothered in the middle of the night. Just activate it and this problem will be just a part of the past.

Despite of the fact that the app that I am telling you about is free, I have to tell you from the start the fact that some of the more up-to-the-minute options require a $2.99-a-year (that’s $3 every 365 days) subscription. Is it too much for what you are getting? I certainly don’t think so, but I cannot decide instead of you. Use this link if you want so and grab the app right now!

If you are not sure, just sign up for a two-week free trial to explore all of the premium features that the Dark Sky app has to offer! And if you want to keep exploring out things, my advice is to read this article on Top 5 Ideal Weather Apps for Android and you won’t be disappointed.

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