Track and Manage your Fitness Data with Nudge

Are you afraid of the fact that the healthy meals that you’ve once enjoyed and the exercising time that you once had are only a part of the past? Do you think that you need a change for a healthier life? Nudge is an amazing Android app that serves to track all your fitness data and puts it all in one place.

This means you can keep track of your nutrition, exercise, hydration and sleep without countless reminders and progress reports from each app. Why should you use more apps when there is one offering all that you need?

Android Nudge can actually get you a snapshot of your health based on your lifestyle, so you can find out which health habits could use improvement, you can start live healthier and monitor your daily progress. And the best part is that you are not alone into this, but you can actually get support that will help you achieve your health goals.

Track and Manage your Fitness Data with Android Nudge:

  1. Take the app by accessing this direct Google Play link;
  2. Install it on your Android device;
  3. When you first launch Nudge, you have to create an account or login with your current Facebook credentials;
  4. Is health tracking something that you have never done before? Who says that this should be a problem? Let me tell you from the start that Nudge includes a simple, manual tracker to complement your synced apps and help monitor your daily routine without any sort of complications;
  5. Nudge makes it easy to track your nutrition, water consumption, food servings, active minutes and hours of sleep, exercise, weight goals and not only, offering you a variety of simple features;
  6. The Nudge Profile gives you a running 30-day health score, for clear visual snapshot of how balanced health habits have been in the last time;
  7. Your Profile makes it easy to notice those specific areas you can improve and monitor your progress on your way to your goals!;
  8. Do you need someone to keep you motivated? The apps has a network of coaches who can improve your tracking experience and you can choose to join the clubs that fit your fitness interests to connect with other users who are happy to share their knowledge on specific topics among I can mention healthy recipes, cycling, exercising and more. The clubs provide the support and encouragement that you need and the good news is that the community is growing each day;
  9. Do you want to become a member as well? Get your friends to sign up and join a club if you want to keep in touch with people with similar interests.

What I must tell you is that even though there are no ads, this app offers perks from partner brands, which means that some of your anonymous data is also accessible to other companies. However, the developer confirmed that “they don’t share an individual’s data with brands, but they do segment users based on things like location and score so they can deliver appropriate perks.”

Are you totally comfortable with this? That is your decision to take!

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