How to Enjoy Android Pay on your Android device

The history of Google’s work on mobile payments is not the most successful one. We’ve all received big promises, but the results haven’t matched the expectations. Android smartphones had near field communication (NFC) and card emulation years before other important competitors, I cannot deny that, but it seems that things never worked as planned at the mobile payments chapter.

There are several carriers and manufacturers that didn’t accept Google Wallet, not to mention that Google had a hard time convincing major banks and credit cards to participate. But do you know Google ever giving up? The giant has announced a new update for Google Wallet which is currently known as Android Pay. Unfortunately, you still have to wait a while for the update to come to your devices too, but here I am to help you get it much sooner.

The APK that I am talking about has same title as the old wallet app for the constraints in the OS, but once you install it, be sure that you’ll see Android Pay instead of the previous Wallet. Even more, before you start installing, I also want to warn you about the fact that you must download your own device’s version and that you must have the latest Play Services installed on your Android phone in order to successfully complete the upcoming money transactions and to be prepared to install this APK, as it is not supported for older versions.

For Android Pay to work, you have to add a card or import a card from your old wallet app, or else let me tell you from the start that the new app won’t be accessible. The cards you add will be added as virtual cards and be sure of the fact that Android Pay will be handling all your rewards and gift cards as well. And don’t forget to back up your data before getting to the installation. I know that you might not want to think of such a situation, but if something goes wrong during the process and if your device data gets lost, you can use the backup to restore the data.

And I know that you won’t like how it sounds, but I have to warn you about the fact that rooted devices are not perfectly compatible with the app. This doesn’t have to mean that rooting should become a part of the past, but I must tell you that you have to unroot your handset for setup and then, root it once again.

How to Enjoy Android Pay:

  1. First of all, you have to download the apk from here;
  2. Install it on your device;
  3. Android Pay will finally become the new mobile payment solution for all of you who want to make purchases with your Android device.

Be sure that mobile payment will now be easier than ever.

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