Clever Android Apps that Help Your Kid Stop Being Afraid of the Dark

Kids are convinced of the fact that anything could be happening in darkness. A ghost could appear from nowhere, a creepy creature could be climbing to their bed or watch them from the closet, but how can you tell to a child that this is all in his imagination?

If your child is extremely fearful of the dark and of the imaginary monsters that lurk in your house, this guide is definitely what you need.

The most important part is that you are aware of your child’s fear, so it’s time to take action into helping him or her overcome such a fear and to deal with the scary feelings in a safe way. This is possible thanks to some interesting Android apps that can light up the dark, so make a choice:

Clever Android Apps that Help Your Kid Stop Being Afraid of the Dark:

Android Night Light

Do you want to comfort your child? Android Night Light is a simple solution as it lets you choose any color for your night light, select a soothing white noise to play while the app is running and tap the “Turn on the nightlight” option to make your child feel safe all night long.

This nice night-light application could do the trick, so find out more about what it has to offer from this guide: Forget about your Fear of Dark with Android Night Light.

Play in the Dark – for kids

There is another way to overcome this tremendous fear. Remember that I am talking about kids, so what better answer than playing? The Play in the Dark app can give your little ones an exciting night by showing them that darkness can be very pleasant! This special app is a part of BabyBus, the first trusted brand in early childhood educational software with applications designed for preschoolers, and they are divided into two groups by age: toddlers between the ages of 1 and 3 and children between the ages of 3 and 6.

Play in the Dark - for kids

Play in the Dark – for kids

The app that I am telling you about presents the funny Kiki in his bedroom and it encourages an adventure to explore dark spaces, make funny shadows and shades and to be brave even if it is dark.

Take the app from here.

Monster Scanner

If your child cannot sleep because he or she is afraid of monsters, find a way to scan for monsters and prove him / her that the room is safe! Have you ever heard of Monster Scanner? This is the only app that you need to perform a detailed scanning procedure for every area to the room and to get a serious “No monsters found” report.

Monster Scanner

Monster Scanner

Are there any monsters? The app will prove there is nothing to worry about (unless you press and hold the “Volume Down” button on your Android phone to get a screen that says “Cannot scan room, too messy!” ). Find the appropriate link and the detailed procedure here.

With these apps, your child will never be worried about monsters and creatures under the bed or in the cupboards again.

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