iPhone 5S pricing details and offers revealed

The price for the new iPhone 5S has finally been revealed. Apple made it official during an event at its Cupertino headquarters, on Tuesday. As there are several versions of the device, they will have different prices, based on the specs. So, with a two-year contract, you’ll get to purchase the 16GB version for $199, the 32GB version for $299 and the 64GB version for $399. If you’d like to pre-order a piece, you can do that starting today. The release date was set for September 20, so you’ll only have one week to wait until you become the owner of an iPhone 5S.

The smartphone comes with improvements like slow motion video recording, 720p video capture at 120 fps, a fingerprint sensor built directly into the device’s Home button and others. You can also purchase a colored case, for $39 a piece.
According to our source, Apple stated that the iPhone 5S is five times faster than the iPhone 5. The device is said to have a battery that will allow you to use the 3G for talk time of 10 hours and 10 hours of LTE browsing as well, the stand-by time being rumored around 250 hours.

iPhone 5S prices

iPhone 5S prices

The iPhone 5S will feature a A7 processor and will be available in three colors: black, silver and gold. If you don’t want a contract with any mobile carrier, you’ll have to pay $649 for a model with 16GB of storage, $749 for 32GB, and $849 for 64GB of storage. We’ll let you decide which variant would be best for you. What do you think of the prices? Does the difference between them make you consider buying the cheapest version, or would you choose the one with the biggest storage?

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