Install TWRP 3.0.0 Custom Recovery on Android Phones via Fastboot

The TeamWin Recovery Project also known as the TWRP is one of the most popular custom recoveries available for Android devices. I actually see it as being the most trusted custom recovery of the moment too and as if this wouldn’t be enough, it’s also the most actively supported custom recovery for Android, both officially and unofficially.

However, despite of these, I was disappointed about the lack of any major update from the TWRP team, but things have changed as they have finally announced a major version. Version 3.0.0 of TWRP is the first release in a long time, since version 2.8.2 has been around for way too long, so don’t be surprised to discover that there are a lot of changes in the new release.

The changelog posted by the TWRP team is clear about the fact that the user interface has been changed. The latest version 3.0.0 includes a completely new theme which is more modern and much nicer looking. There is also a true Terminal Emulator with arrow keys, tab and tab completion and language translation, but be sure that it cannot be perfect and especially some languages that require large font files like Chinese & Japanese won’t be available for most handsets, but this is definitely better than nothing.

Adopted storage support for select devices is included as well as long as TWRP can now decrypt adopted storage partitions from Marshmallow. And don’t forget about the reworked graphics to bring us more up to date with AOSP – includes support for adf and drm graphics.

Even more, SuperSU prompt will no longer display if a Marshmallow ROM is installed, not to mention all the minor fixes and tweaks, so I bet that this is what you also want for you device. In that matter, this guide is just what you need as it comes with general instructions on how to install it.

However, you must first prepare your phone to correctly flash the recovery. First of all, you need to install ADB and USB drivers so your phone can connect to your computer. Then you need to download the right .img file for your phone variant.

Learn to Install TWRP 3.0.0 Custom Recovery on Android Phones via Fastboot:

  1. Here you can find the TWRP 3.0.0 img;
  2. Download the image file;
  3. Move it to the ADB folder you just installed and rename it to twrp.img;
  4. Turn off your phone;
  5. Then, press the power and volume down buttons to put the phone into fastboot mode;
  6. It’s time to open the ADB folder; then, hold Shift and right-click to open a menu;
  7. Select “Open command window here” to open CMD. adb twrp;
  8. Connect your phone to your computer with the help of the USB cable;
  9. Reboot the device into fastboot mode by typing “adb reboot bootloader”;
  10. Type “fastboot devices” in command prompt and hit enter as this gives you serial numbers in return means your phone connect properly;
  11. Type this command in the command prompt: “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img”;
  12. Press Enter as this will update TWRP recovery to v3.0.0;
  13. Now type “fastboot reboot“ in the command prompt to restart your device.

You have now flashed the latest TWRP 3.0.0 custom recovery on your Android phone. Enjoy the new theme and all the additional features!

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