Learn a New Language with Android Livemocha

A search on the web will show you that there are various resources you might never even knew existed, including free Android apps and websites for becoming fluent in record time. However, not all of them are accurate or at least structured in a comprehensive way, so let me help you with a tip. If yu truly want to learn a new language, then Livemocha might be the key word for you.

Livemocha is a very interesting Android language learning program, packed with native speakers (over 12 million people, to be more precise) and lessons in no less than 38 languages. Launched in 2007, the program is a real success. After all, how couldn’t it be so as long as it offers live classes, conversations with native speakers, tutorial videos, and more all available right at your Android device?

Livemocha’s secret is that it encourages you to use the internet in the new language you want to learn. The service seems to have all the tools and tricks for faster learning as it also uses the power of social media to help you learn your target language, not to mention that you learn from native speakers or from other students who are fluent in the language you want to learn and you can also give back as much as you get.

Livemocha was recently acquired by Rosetta Stone and the changes made are great. The courses are incredibly complete, so feel free to choose from dozens of hours of coursework available for each language. And you can even choose to sign up for free and take a handful of lessons without paying anything.

Eventually, be sure that you’ll hit a point where if you want to continue your lessons you’ll have to spend some money. To be more precise, paying members shell out $99 per year, or $9.95 per month to unlock all the available content, but could you put a price on your dream? While you will see how easy and fun can be, I am sure that this won’t be a problem!

Enter here and join the Livemocha growing community straight from your Android handset!

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