Enjoy Thousands of TV programs and Movies with Android TV Portal

The Google Play Store has more than a million apps and I know that this number is truly impressive, but who says that it is the only place to use when wanting new and interesting apps? There are many alternative Android app stores out there that you can use anytime you want and if you are careful enough, will be amazed by what is waiting for you.

I am telling you that as long as the security policy on different Android app stores are different. There are stores that perform similar safety checks to Google, while others don’t, so don’t take any chances. Well, when it comes to enjoying TV Portal, trust me when I say that there are no risks to worry that might be waiting for you around the corner, but only content for those who are willing to give it a try.

If you don’t know, TV Portal is nothing else than Hulu for all those regions where Hulu is not supported. Are you also one of those who have heard about Hulu, but never got the chance to use it? TV Portal is an application that enables you to watch thousands of episodes from hundreds of different TV programs, as well as just about any movie you might have in mind.

All you have to do is to search through tons of shows, and gain access to external links to watch them outside of the application. That means that you’ll need to have another application installed to be able to play the videos, an application such as BSPlayer, but is this a problem?

I don’t think so! On the contrary, you will discover that you can also share any movie or TV episode with your friends from within the application itself, by sending them a link through any social network or email address. TV Portal is free, but you also have the possibility to upgrade to its premium version, which is ad-free.

TV Portal is an excellent application, thanks to which you’ll be able to watch tons of movies, TV series, and other programs from your Android device. However, its major downside (yes, there is one) is that the quality is not high-definition.

Still, when there is no Hulu waiting for you, that’s the best you can get! Take the app by entering here and give it a try! You will see that it works on Android tablets, but you can also enjoy it from any smartphone with a large sized screen.

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