Be Careful About your Daily Water Intake with Hydro Coach

It has been proven that the human body can go on without food for days, if not even weeks, but things are different when it comes to water. Throughout each day, your body usually loses water and so you have to replenish this fluid. Don’t be fooled into thinking that coffee and soda are the answer to that. On the contrary, they are high in caffeine, which acts as a diuretic that can dehydrate you.

Your body is equipped with a mechanism that normally tells you when you need to replenish the water supply, but do you always know how to read the signs in time? You can only imagine that I am talking about thirst, but this isn’t the only sign that I am telling you about. Back or joint aches, severe hunger even despite of the fact that you’ve recently eaten, mood swings and fatigue are just a few examples, so it’s ok to need some help.

If you want to take control of your health, then you won’t want to miss out what this app has to offer for you. Yes, I am talking about an Android app that can be exactly what you are looking for if you are worried that you don’t drink enough water, if you always forget to drink water regularly and so on.

Hydro Coach is a water intake tracker that will surprise you. At first, after installing it on your Android device, the app asks for some inputs such as age, gender, as well as weight. With the help of these details, the app practically calculates the amount of water that your body needs in a day.

You must also tell it how much water your glass can hold and based on that, you will find out how many glasses are needed in a day. Then, just setup a reminder time and it’ll notify you that it’s time to sip in a glass of water in order to be healthy, to lose weight more easily, to increase your fitness, improve concentration and more. And if you are pregnant, you have one more reason to use these reminders to keep you hydrated during your pregnancy even if sipping water by the clock might not sound very exciting.

The keep things as simple and efficient as possible, Hydro Coach offers graphical representation of your activities and the simple widget can be easily placed on your homescreen to enter the data without even opening the app. What can be more convenient than that? Then, I also want to tell you that the apps comes with support for Android Wear and if you are pleased by the results, share your activities with friends via social media.

Download Hydro Coach and be careful about your daily water intake! You can grab it from this direct Google Play link and enjoy using it!

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