How to Be Smart and Creative with Mekorama

You know me and my pleasure of playing Android puzzle games. Mekorama is a beautifully designed puzzle game for Android that has players all over the world and you might become one of them too. Most games I run into for mobile are ultimately made for gaining profit, but this one is different and that is why so many love it. At least those who love Monument Valley will surely appreciate it.

In Mekorama, you have to guide a cute little robot to the exit. Your path is divided in grid-like fashion so that makes it easy to know where you are going as the robot moves in the direction that you tap. Tap right to go right, tap left to go left. This combination of tap-to-walk and grid-like path makes it easy to control and see where the robot is going.

Swipe a finger on the screen to flip the camera angle and changing camera angles is necessary to reveal other parts of the level. Once a new part or area appears, tap to go there. You have to make sure that the path between the robot and your desired area is free of any obstacles and to tell you the truth, I enjoy the puzzles and the silly physics.

The features are perfected and you get no less than 50 levels of awesome 3D puzzles. And what makes it even better is that it has a “level maker”, so you can create a level, then create a QR code, scan it or share it with others. And if you find yourself stuck on Levels 10 – 30, be sure that you can work out the solution and help the little robot.

Even more, Mekorama is another game that comes with the “pay-as-you-please” system. To put it simply, you can donate some money to the developer if you think that the game is awesome or you can keep playing it even if you don’t want to spend a penny on a game that isn’t worthy of that. You will convince of the truth from the start; as for me, I can only thank the developers for giving me options to support them and this says it all!

This is what Mekorama has to offer and if it suits to your tastes, install it right now! For that, use this link and let me know if I can be of any help.

After all, I am always open to your problems and suggestions, so feel free to contact me by filling up the contact form or though the comments area. And don’t think that your question won’t be heard. You can rest assured I read every message I receive.

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