Give a Try to Android FlatWallpapers

You know that Google Play has the best collection of amazing wallpapers to make your Android homescreen look special. Even more, many of the best Android wallpapers can be downloaded for free, so you get pretty much everything when it comes to fulfilling many of your wishes.

And there are even apps that let your wallpaper become a slideshow of your photos with image effects, layouts and not only at a time interval you set, you can create impressive 3D panoramas from background images of your choice and much more than that. So, why letting your device look ordinary?

An impressive result you can also get with the help of an app known as FlatWallpapers. Does its name sound familiar? The truth is that FlatWallpapers is pretty old, but old doesn’t have to mean bad or out of my attention as an Android user.

The truth is that I practically remember using it when I got my first Android phone and this happened years and years ago. Despite of that, this is once again in my attention. The app has not been forgotten, but on the contrary, it still gets updated all the time and it has an amazing collection of wallpapers, just as the ones that you have in mind. For example, in the past few months, it received numerous bug fixes and performance improvements, UI updates, various animation, a new Share option along with the Set as option and more.

As for the actual wallpapers, they are flat and minimal, just as many of you are looking for. Even more, they are in QHD quality, so don’t worry about quality. And if you have a hard time finding what you like, then keep in mind that there are no less than 336 wallpapers in total, divided into various categories such as Newest, Android, Lines & stripes, LowPoly, MosaicColors, Circles, Flat, Galaxy, Gradients, Landscapes, Pattern, Shapes, as well as Text. Be sure that there is something for you too!

If FlatWallpapers is what you have in mind, then give it a try by accessing this link.

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