Get Ready for Chrome 28.0.1500.64 Update

Play Store is waiting for you to get the new update for Chrome version 28.0.1500.64. Google comes with updates for tablets. Users will now be part of a nice experience when surfing on internet using their tablet. Thanks to this updates, now chrome unveil full screen browsing to its Android tablets fans. It is easy to realize the way it works. It is similar with phones. When you scroll down, the title bar disappears. Browsing in full screen on your tablet is a real blessing. If you were one of the geeks who were wondering when will experience this with chrome, now’s the time.
As our source says, this new version of chrome for Android will bring also an automatic page translation for the delight of users. How it works? It’s simple. When you go on a page which is not written in your tablet native language, then it will go automatically in google translate and show you the content ready to be read and understood. Is just like you experienced for sure on your desktop. When you go on a page which uses Chinese language for example you definitely need a translation and this is just great.

Chrome Android update

Chrome Android update

In conclusion, the update is already available in Play Store and you can benefit of it whenever you feel curious. Another new interface for RTL language was also updated and now it’s available also for Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew. Moreover, the update also brings some performance fixes and stability. So, what do you think about this update, it was needed? You were waiting for some changes in browsing on your Android tablet? For me it is great especially when it come in the discussion development or improvements, which are always welcomed to make my life easier, happier and more enjoyable.

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