How to Enjoy Pro Mode on Galaxy S7

You know that your Samsung Galaxy S7 is a device perfectly able to take incredible photos — even in auto mode. However, the Pro mode is the one truly surprising as it can push the camera even further, bringing the DSLR-style manual controls to your smartphone, as well as the chance to get full control over all of the usual camera features including ISO level, white balance, aperture level and so on. There are also multiple filters that you can tinker with, so why isn’t this mode getting the right appreciation?

I think that the people’s decision has to do with the fact that Galaxy S7‘s auto mode is very reliable as well, being able to choose the correct settings to produce a detailed and well-balanced photo in pretty all circumstances that you could need it, while Pro has so many settings that could easily cause confusion.

However, those who like to get the best from their device’s camera will most probably appreciate having the option to produce more artistic shots and enjoy the main controls within the interface. In the right-hand side, from top to bottom, you have settings for filters, focusing, white balance, ISO, shutter speed, and exposure control. Choosing any option from these ones shows another vertical slider to adjust each setting in a blink of an eye. The major advantage is that every single adjustment you make appears on screen in real time, so you know for sure how the effect looks like and what else you must do for getting the best result.

When it comes to the left side, the interface offers other options; to be more precise, from top to bottom, you can find automatic focus, focus metering, timer, flash, photo quality, as well as settings. I don’t know about you, but I personally love the first two ones as long as they offer adjustments in how the focusing bracket works, no matter if it is a tighter focus or a wider one, just as metering works on a DSLR. You can tinker with this if you want to be a little more artistic, but if this is not what you have in mind, then the Galaxy S7 default settings are probably perfect for you.

And there are plenty of other modes waiting to be discovered too: I am referring to Food Mode, Motion panorama, Motion photo, Hyperlapse and not only and every single one of them has something unique to offer. For example, if you choose to enable the Motion Photo feature, you have the chance to record a short video clip and easily extract the best frames from the video and then share or print them, just as the Hyperlapse mode brings major improvements in terms of photo quality, stability and visibility or as the Motion Panorama option lets you capture better photos of moving objects. However, you’ll find out more about every single feature from the detailed guides I am working on, so don’t hesitate to check on us later!

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