Earn Some Extra Money with Streetspotr on Android

Earning money isn’t an easy thing to do these days, but sometimes the Android world is where you tend to look the less a possible help. Could an Android app be your salvation? Don’t you imagine that an app can replace a real life job, that’s out of the question for now, but if you are spending plenty of time outside your house then you should try an app like Streetsport for a chance to earn some extra money.

The way this app works is simple and I think that you will immediately get used to it. Complete tasks by simply going to different places nearby and doing whatever is described in the app. The tasks will vary, depending on the region you currently are and there is nothing to worry about, but never forget your Android smartphone as you will definitely need it!

Businesses are the ones that constantly need feedback about their product, but don’t always have the ability to travel around to get the answers they are looking for. That is how many businesses rely on the Streetspotr mobile app to bring them answers from the places where they cannot get in time and on those like you willing to do these jobs for them!

So, you just have to provide your feedback in a matter of clicks or snaps! I am talking about taking a photo about how a certain product is displayed at your local supermarket, or if the hotel room looks or not like the one on the website! It sounds like fun, isn’t it?

It is also worth mentioning that this application offers plenty of spots (tasks) in European places and the developers are constantly trying to add support to more and more regions. So, Streetspotr is practically about connecting businesses with people who are in the right place at the right time.

Take Streetspotr from here right away and give it a try.

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