Use WanderPlayer to Make your Android Device a PC Game Controller

Do you like playing casual games on your computer? Do you also use an Android device? Then how about forgetting about your keyboard and mouse and using your device as a controller for games?

This is possible with the help of an app known as WanderPlayer which can easily make your Android Device a PC Game Controller.

The truth is that many Flash-based games would work better with a retro controller than a keyboard and mouse and trust me when I say that Wanderplayer is a tool worthy of your time. Use this step by step guide in order to make your Android device even more useful.

Use WanderPlayer to Make your Android Device a PC Game Controller:

  1. Go to and download the desktop version of Wanderplayer onto your Windows computer;
  2. Grab the Android version too via this direct link;
  3. Install Wanderplayer on the desktop;
  4. launch the Wanderplayer app on your phone and the Wanderplayer icon on your desktop will turn yellow, and a message will pop up;
  5. Note that in order for this to happen, the computer and the Android phone need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network;
  6. When you first launch Wanderplayer on your phone, a brief and friendly tutorial will appear, describing how to play games using the app;
  7. You must also enter your e-mail address;
  8. The app itself includes 4 different tabs: My Stuff, Play, Feedback and More;
  9. In Play you can browse the list of all the games currently available on Wanderplaye. Once you tap the game on the mobile device, a message will pop up on your desktop, and soon after, the game itself will launch;
  10. The phone’s screen will now turn into the correct controller for the game and note that each game gets its own controller;
  11. There are all kinds of different controllers available. Some are just a mouse pad, some are just buttons, and some have both a joystick and buttons, so take your time to get used to them;
  12. The point is that once the game has launched and you have the controller in your hand, you can start playing as if you were holding an actual joystick. The controller is very responsive, and there are no reception glitches to worry about.

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