Learn countries, capitals and flags of the world with World Citizen

Are you a hardcore gamer or do you simply enjoy playing games every now and then? Either way, you can relax and test yourself with one of the many interesting quiz games available on Google play. Don’t you know what to choose? Then, let me come with a suggestion that I am sure that you are going to love.

World Citizen by lammar is a quiz game that will help you learn countries, capitals and flags of the world in an enjoyable way! The new version of the game comes with two mini games. You can start with the Training version first and try to unlock all golden badges.

The Challenge version will help you test the knowledge that you have gained so far and the interesting part is that you can actually decide the level you like and question types you want to answer. The more modes you select, the more points you will be able to get in a single game. However, you have to remember to answer them carefully because the final score is also calculated based on your accuracy.

The game is available in 4 languages: English, Polish, French, Spanish, but the good news that there are more to be added in the near future.

Every time you get a new high score it is published to the global leaderboard. You can access it from the Statistics section and then, do not hesitate to compare your score against other players around the world.

What is more, the game has an index of all countries for quick reference. It includes their name, capital, flag and official language, so don’t waste any more time and grab World Citizen from here.

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