Cuto Wallpapers shows you Curated Wallpapers

Happy New Year to all our visitors and let me help you find the best in terms of customizing the look and feel of your Android device. Today I want to tell you more about Cuto Wallpapers and what makes this wallpaper app much better than its competition.

The Unsplash wallpaper community always surprises us and Cuto Wallpapers is a client for Unsplash. But instead of just going with random pictures, this one is special as long as it shows you curated wallpapers, hand-picked by the developers behind this app.

The User Interface of this app is the first one that managed to capture my attention. It is beautiful, very  stylish and yet simple at the same time so that you can use it with no sort of problems at any time. I also like the fact that Cuto won’t select a certain part of wallpaper for you, but you can decide which part you like by swiping left/right and set it as your wallpaper for how long you please.

Even more, I have to tell you the fact that the developers of this app know how to do their job and the best proof for that is the fact that Cuto Wallpapers is updated once a week with a few handpicked wallpapers, and trust me when I am saying that all of those wallpapers are awesome. If you dream of getting tons of wallpapers in Cuto, this app is not the best option for you; their number is limited – no more than 10, if not even 6 or 7, – but we all know that less is much in so many cases and this is just another example.

And what is  so special about this app is the fact that it is totally free to download and even in such conditions, it has no ads to bug you. No ads at all! How often do you find that? And the high quality, clean and minimalist wallpapers will definitely convince you that you cannot find any other better option.

That is why I basically encourage you to give Cuto Wallpaper a try! So, do not hesitate to use this direct download link in order to take it.

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