InsWall has 900 cloud-based Wallpapers in HD Quality

Who doesn’t want to experience the world of customization? One of the best things about Android is none other than the ease with which you can customize and set up your smartphone or tablet in order to be exactly how you want it to be. With the right apps and the best choices from all the possible options, you can make your handset truly unique, and if you’re not sure where to start, here I am to help you a little bit (or more, if you want me to do that).

Today I want to tell you more about a special app known as InsWall which offers more than 900 cloud-based wallpapers in HD quality. Despite of the fact that the wallpapers in this app are not categorized, this amazing app has wallpapers from various categories, that is something that I can tell you from the start. Even more, don’t leave aside that it has a beautiful interface and follows the material design guidelines that we all love. You can either apply an wallpaper with one touch or go with the built-in editor to edit the wallpaper as per your liking.

These editing features include cropping the wallpaper before applying, blur, brightness, and greyscale.

Besides all these, let me remind you the fact that new wallpapers are added in regular intervals and another great advantage is the fact that all the images are hosted on the cloud. In such a way, you get new wallpapers whenever they are available, without even having to be worried about constantly updating the app. And this time, the developers are clear about the fact that the wallpapers are obtained from various sources, but they are given all the credit to the owners.

InsWall Wallpapers can be grabbed from here and then, do not hesitate to rate as long as a good rating is what every developer hopes to receive in order to keep on the good work and add more exciting features. What do you think of this app?

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