Grab Zooper Widgets that Replicate Galaxy S8 Weather Widget and Search Bar

One of my favorite things to do is to regularly change up the home screen and lock screen of my Android phones. I am basically looking for new icons, wallpapers, and amazing widgets all the time and I love what I have discovered now. Let me tell you that here you can find some Zooper widgets that can replicate the Galaxy S8 weather widget and search bar on any launcher.

It has been a crazy month since I have been working round the clock to get all the latest content related to Samsung Galaxy S8 and I know that you love getting as close as possible to this handset. And in order to get these amazing Zooper Widgets that replicate Galaxy S8 Weather Widget and Search Bar too, you don’t have to root your device or worry about any complicated procedures.

Quite the opposite, this simple guide is here showing you what to do and no risks are involved.

Grab Zooper Widgets that Replicate Galaxy S8 Weather Widget and Search Bar:

  1. First, you have to download the Zooper Widget Pro from this Google Play Store link;
  2. You also need these S8 Widgets;
  3. Assuming you have installed the Zooper Widget from Google Play Store and download the Galaxy S8 widgets, it’s time to long press anywhere on your home screen and tap on Widgets;
  4. Scroll through the list of widgets towards the bottom;
  5. Choose a zooper widget of appropriate size. The empty home screen widget initializes the folders in memory;
  6. You can now transfer the contents of Y.S8_Weather.rar package to ZooperWidget/Templates folder in your device’s internal storage;
  7. Note that it’s not an APK file, but a .zw file (Zooper Widget File) the one that you are getting;
  8. Tap on the empty zooper widget you just created;
  9. Select SD Card and choose any available widget;
  10. Select any widget size you like as you can easily resize the widget.

As you can see, now you have Galaxy S8 Weather Widget and Search Bar on your device!

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