Multiple Accounts: 2 Accounts Is Designed for IM Apps like WhatsApp

We love to create multiple online accounts so that we can easily manage multiple tasks. You can have an account where you can have fun with your friends and the other where you become professional and act all serious. Many apps now support multiple accounts but some apps like WhatsApp, Facebook don’t. I have previously told you about App Cloner and how amazing it is in solving this problem. This lets you clone an app and install its body double on your phone and even more, it gives you full control over what the cloned app looks like and acts like.

You are free to prevent it from requesting to be set as default when opening links it should intercept, you can exclude it from Recents, lock its orientation to portrait or landscape, remove its widgets and more. However, you should also know the fact that it does not support popular IM platforms like WhatsApp, Viber, etc.

This is where Multiple Accounts: 2 Accounts steps in. This is a Multi Account Manager app which is designed specifically for IM apps like WhatsApp. Similar to other apps in this category, this app allows you to have two accounts of the same app simultaneously. Even more, it supports most Instant Messaging and can work simultaneously on one device, connect different friends and share parallel information in no time.

As for the Double Game Experience, you have the chance to open two game accounts for Google Play and get experience for both accounts at the same time! And yes, this Multiple Accounts: 2 Accounts app supports most of the popular apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, etc., not to mention that you can become our VIP and get more professional features, such as:

  • Security Lock: Lock your apps, protect your privacy from peeking
  • Secret Zone: Move your secret apps in, protect your secrets in your phone

However, there are times when the app has its flaws and doesn’t give a 100% result. I am talking about delayed delivery of messages, delayed notifications and a few problems similar to that. Anyway, Multiple Accounts: 2 Accounts is waiting for you.

Also learn how to Use Multiple Social Media Accounts without Downloading Their Apps or how to Create and Install Multiple Copies of your Existing Apps with the help of App Cloner.

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