Flex your Brain Power with Trivia 360

If you think you know it all, there are some amazing trivia games for you to try on. There are plenty of choices to flex your brain power, so waste no more time. Whether you’re a history knower, a sports junkie or politics is your life, there’s a game for everyone. If you want a little bit from every domain, then you should better try Trivia 360.

This game tests your knowledge of a wide assortment of subjects in stages that consist of ten questions that must be cleared within no more than sixty seconds. Sports, Science, History, Geography, Art, Entertainment and more – are all there, waiting to test you. Even more, the quizzes are set in different categories such as Classic 4-answers questions, true/false questions, flag quiz, landmark riddles and more.

As you can imagine, it seems that the stages become harder and harder as you progress, so you’re often left trying to guess the answer to a strange question while watching the time ticking away. However, you have three chances to make mistakes, after which the Android game really ends. And if you end up feeling that there is something wrong with you, then don’t hesitate to access the leaderboard and check how other online players are performing in this trivia game.

This is your chance to spend quality time on your android device, for sure and the user friendly interface is definitely a bonus, so don’t say no to this Trivia 360 game.

If you find it too challenging, you can lengthen the amount of time per stage from 60 to 90 or 120 seconds. I bet that you will feel much more relaxed this way! As for the game’s ads, they do appear between stages, along with a small banner that can occasionally be seen on the bottom, yet there’s no problem at this chapter. There are plenty of other games with far more intrusive ads, so you won’t even feel that they are there!

Install Trivia 360 right away and let me know if you have any questions about it.

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