Next Generation of Galaxy Gear Incoming

The details about a next generation Galaxy Gear are not at all a surprise as long as ever since the first model was released, Samsung had confirmed its intentions of such a device which should be ready for CES 2014 in January. And the latest rumor point that the next generation Samsung Galaxy Gear will finally be launched alongside the Galaxy S5 and we already know that this one is definitely going to hit the market either in February or March. But the mystery regarding its future specs still remains.

We all know what we want. A new Galaxy Gear which won’t be as chunky as the current version. We must admit that it has a good feel and a nice look, but its thickness is one of those wick aspects which makes us think twice before buying it. But the Next generation Galaxy Gear is expected to be around 5-20% thinner than the original one, so some of those who had first refused it might actually have second thoughts thanks to this major improvement.

Next generation Galaxy Gear

Next generation Galaxy Gear

Even more, its owners are currently complaining about the lack of a Do-Not-Disturb mode, about its camera which offers blurry pictures ( though we cannot deny that the videos are much better ), as well as about the fact that it has a poorly conceived notification function. And we can also add that it is only compatible with Galaxy Note 3, an inconvenience for so many other potential buyers, not to mention that we find it as being pretty expensive for what it can offer.

At this point, we don’t know if Samsung is taking in consideration all these aspects, but we certainly hope so. The only aspect revealed to the public is the one regarding its new thickness, according to our source, but we’ll keep you updated.

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