Activate Android Camera’s Flash as Incoming Call Notification

Here I am back with a fresh guide on how to activate Android camera’s flash as incoming call notification. Is this something tempting for you too? Then, let me tell you the fact that you can use a third party application called Flash Alert 2 for this precise purpose and you will not regret it.

Well, it seems that Flash Alert 2 allows you to blink the device’s flash when you receive phone or SMS text or app notifications.

This feature can increase the convenience of any user with a disability and not only. Maybe you are also an Android user who wants convenience at all times and this guide is perfect for you.

Activate Android Camera’s Flash as Incoming Call Notification (method 1):

  1. First of all, you have to download the Flash Alerts 2 on your handset; This Google play link is waiting for you;
  2. Then, you have to install it;
  3. Up next, it is the ideal time to open the application tap all the features that you want to use on your handset;
  4. However, if you only want this flash notification on call and message, then you should click on the call and message option;
  5. Now, be sure that your Android mobile’s flash automatically glows when you will get any call and message.

Activate Android Camera’s Flash As Incoming Call Notification (method 2):

  1. If you are a Samsung mobile user, then I have another guide for you, so you should better go to your mobile setting from the start;
  2. You must now search for Accessibility and tap the option;
  3. Here you can see an option Hearing, so you should better tap on that too;
  4. You will now see an option called Flash Notification. Don’t hesitate to click on that and that is all.

Do you see how simple it really was? Just activate this feature and your device’s flash is automatically on when you will get any call and message. Do you like the change or not?

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