Customize the Lock Screen of your LG V30

The lock screen is the very first thing you see on the LG V30. That is why it is imperative that you make that lock screen your own because will give you a lot of information without having to unlock your phone. This will save you a couple of extra steps when you have to check the time, weather, pedometer, or any other information you want displayed on the lock screen.

Are you aware of the fact that you can easily choose make some changes in order to customize your lock screen? Yes, it is easy to do that. LG V30 enables you to edit how your lock screen looks, add or remove widgets you would like to be there to make it the handset truly yours, so why not doing it?

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Customize the Lock Screen of your LG V30:

  1. First of all, you need to open your LG V30 phone;
  2. Then, find your way to the Apps Page;
  3. Look for the Settings options then press it;
  4. Tap the Lock Screen icon. This is the area where you will see a list of different features or widgets that you can add to the lock screen of the LG V30 such as:
  • Dual Clock – this option can display both home and current time;
  • Clock Size – makes the clock easier to read by adjusting its size;
  • Show the Date – this reveals the current date;
  • Owner Information – here you can choose to add social media handles, as well as other information;
  • Unlock Effect – you may choose to customize the unlock effects;
  • Additional Info – enables you to place additional widgets and apps on the lockscreen and more.

Well, at this point, you’re all set and you can now customize your lock screen according to your desire! Lrt me know if you need my help and have fun!

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