Aldi selling £80 Android Tablet

Holidays are the perfect occasion for retailers all over the world to offer us their products at amazing prices. We have seen Tesco, then Argos and now is time for the UK retailer Aldi to surprise us with a budget-friendly tablet only this weekend. This tablet is none other than Medion LifeTab E7316 which will be available for no more than £80 this Sunday. We know that this company might not be such a popular one and its specs are not even close to anything spectacular, but it isn’t either a bad option for what it can offer us.

This Medion LifeTab E7316 gets the power from a quad-core 1.6GHz processor and packs both 0.3MP and 2.0MP cameras, but their quality is more than questionable, especially in low light conditions. Even more, you get 1GB of RAM, as well as a number of 8GB of storage which is expandable by simply using a microSD card.

Aldi selling £80 Android tablet

Aldi selling £80 Android tablet

And the fact that Medion LifeTab E7316 is featuring Android 4.2.2 software might not sound either like the best news as long as this version is a few generations behind the latest Android 4.4 update. Besides that, we already know that all these cheaper tablet models don’t come with bright, high-resolution screens which give you the chance to enjoy sharply-detailed movies and this one is no exception. Its 1,024×600 display isn’t probably the resolution that you are dreaming of, but we already know that this model isn’t for super-fast gaming, for 3G Web browsing or for providing an impressive battery life.

Those having a limited budget are the ones who could enjoy what it offer us and see it as a possible option, but don’t forget you’ll have to hurry as long as the stocks are limited, according to our source.

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