Roll the ball – fresh take on brain training for Android mobile devices

There are quite a few Android games that promise to test various mental skills; they come with pretty graphs to show how you’re improving over time, fun features and interesting characters, along with potential subscriptions for extra games and features for those who want more. What do you say about all these? Are you looking for such a game too?

There is more than one option for you, yet today I have chosen this one. Have you ever heard of the game called Roll the ball? If you haven’t, you are in the right place, that is something that I can tell you for sure.

Well, the game that I am telling you about doesn’t come with a new concept, but the idea is that you can’t get bored of something so simple, yet fun that could keep your interest for hours and hours (yes, it is a little bit addictive, but I am sure that you know when to put it an end). If you love simple addictive unblock puzzle games, Roll the Ball has all the elements that you are looking for as long as it is a fresh take on brain training for Android mobile devices.

Developed by BitMango, Roll the ball is a fun puzzle game with a twist. The objective is to make the ball reach its goal by sliding the blocks. There is no lack of levels here and it’s an ideal choice for those times when you have a few free minutes or when you’re commuting.

Are you ready to play it on your Android smartphone or tablet too? Instead of searching the name on Play Store, waste no more time and grab Roll the Ball right now. After all, I am always here to support you, so enjoy the game and let me know if you encounter any issue via the contact form or the comments section.

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