How to Play Fortnite Fix While waiting for the Official Game on Android

Are you also looking for a way to play Fortnite Fix while waiting for the Official Game on Android? If you are opened to any suggestion, then let me tell you that you can play the actual game on your phone right away. To be more precise, via the app Steam Link, you can connect your phone to a computer and stream the game onto your phone even if it isn’t September, when the official version is expected to roll out.

I must warn you that this procedure requires a bit of work as long as Fortnite isn’t on the Steam Library, but it depends on what you are willing to try or not. And I am sure that your goal is to successfully finish this procedure, so also make sure your phone is on the same local network as your computer or else you don’t stand a chance.

No less important, I would recommend using a controller. Since it isn’t optimized for Steam Link, Fortnite’s default controls aren’t the greatest and should be changed in the game‘s settings for the best experience, but I am willing to accept this compromise. What about you?


  1. You’ll need to download the latest beta version of Steam Link on your phone;
  2. Also install the Steam app on your computer (either Windows or macOS);
  3. Open the app on your computer;
  4. Don’t hesitate to click “Add a Game” in the bottom-left corner;
  5. Next, just select the “Add a Non-Steam Game” option from the menu;
  6. Assuming you already have Fortnite installed on your computer, you should see Epic Games Launcher. This is the library which contains Fortnite, which must be added to your Steam library;
  7. With Fortnite Battle Royale now added, all you must do now is to follow the instructions in the Steam Link Beta app and connect your phone to your computer;
  8. Once connected, just choose “Start Playing” to begin the link;
  9. Select “Library”;
  10. Find the Epic Games Launcher as here you’ll find Fortnite, which you can select to begin playing. Enjoy!

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