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You have probably come across Archie Comics, the popular comic book publisher that covers humours, action-adventures of some superhero characters that you probably love. So, what could be more relaxing than reading Archie comics and listening to music on Spotify? How about watching Archie motion comics directly on Spotify? If this sounds like a lot of fun, be sure that it is actually possible now.

Thanks to a recent partnership with Nerdist, Spotify’s library now includes a fresh series of motion comics based on the revamped Archie comics, so yes, you can actually enjoy Archie Motion Comics on Spotify. This time, the motion comic series are focused on the comic storylines rather than the popular Riverdale series, even though the characters and their background stories are the same ones, so this should not be a problem.

The Archie Comics series that you will be able to find on Spotify app is “Spotlight Archie – The New Riverdale”, every single episode lasting 10 minutes – more or less. And since the first six episodes of the series are already available on Spotify as I am speaking, you have no other choice but to take your time and access them through your account. Here’s the detailed procedure:

Enjoy Archie Motion Comics on Spotify:

  1. To watch an episode, you must first login to the app on your Android device;
  2. Then, just tap Play and the episode that you have in mind will begin;
  3. After you start the comic, it will continue to auto play through the episode and you will hear the voice acting as well as the music, besides seeing the comic panels on your smartphone. Even more, the text will still be present if you want to read it, but as it auto plays pretty fast, it is not as convenient as just letting yourself listen and enjoy.

I think that each episode is pretty fun to watch, since the autoplay feature lets you listen to the comic and not have your eyes focused on the screen at all times.

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