Get Familiar with Bendy in Nightmare Run for Android

Bendy in Nightmare Run is a runner style game that looks like it came right out of a 1930’s cartoon. Some might find it odd, while others love this feel and I am one of them too. The game is compatible with Android 6.0 and newer phones or tablets and comes as a spin-off of the popular Bendy and the Ink Machine PC game; the original title has had four of five episodes released to date, with a full release coming with a console release this October.

While Bendy and the Ink Machine was developed by TheMeatly Games, now Bendy in Nightmare Run is developed by Karman Interactive. Don’t get scared though: the charm and thrill of the adventure are still there. You must play as Bendy, Boris the Wolf and Alice Angel, run through each level, beating enemies and dodging obstacles along the way, while also collecting cans of Bacon Soup (that the in-game currency used to unlock new characters, costumes, and more).

If you have previously played a mobile runner before, then chances are to be already familiar with Bendy in Nightmare Run’s mechanics. You must basically swipe left and right to go left and right, you have to swipe up to jump, swipe up twice to double jump, as well as swipe up and down to smash unsuspecting enemies. If all these are new to you, don’t worry. You will get used to them in no time!

Even more, you must always do your best to collect weapons, level up your character and improve your abilities by collecting and spending cans of Bacon Soup. However, I have one tip for you: if you truly want to progress through Bendy faster, you should better not focus on soup cans when you first play a level. There might be indeed a bonus for collecting a certain number of soup cans per level, but you get more cans by defeating the boss and not taking damage.

And for more fun, don’t hesitate to customize your characters with never-before-seen costumes and episode-specific weapons. Remember that you’ll encounter scenes like pirate ships, or a library, so the right outfit is a must for every single scenario.

Get the game from the Play Store right away and install it. Then, let me and other readers know what you think about Bendy in Nightmare Run in the comments area below!

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