Manage Email Accounts Effectively with Newton Mail

Laptops have been very popular for decades because since they let you do everything you need while being on the go, but now they can easily be replaced by tablets. Android tablets are slim and lightweight, even with add-on keyboards, being ideal for people on the move. In fact, thanks to their extreme portability, easy to use interfaces and impressive list of functions they offer, the best tablets can almost replace a laptop for all of us.

In such conditions, there is no wonder that the Play Store has hundreds of productivity apps that you can download for free on your tablet. Some of them can be used for editing photos, while others are ideal to create documents and keep them in order, as well as to share them easily and I could go on like that forever. Speaking of the best productivity apps, here I also have an app suggestion that you should install on your Android tablet as soon as possible.

If you want to organize and manage all your email accounts effectively, then Newton Mail is the app that for you. I am saying that since if provides support for many different email providers that allow you to manage their messages better. How can you do that? You’ll be surprised what functions are waiting to be discovered!

No wonder that Newton is presented by its developers as a subscription-based app that supercharges your email with power features like Read Receipts, Undo Send, Send Later, Sender Profile, Connected Apps, Recap, Snooze and more, across Android phones, tablets and Wear. And these are only a few of them as I don’t want to spoil all the fun for you!

Besides, Newton Mail also supports numerous plugins and is much easier to use due to its simple interface. However, you must know from the start that the app is available as an in-app subscription for $9.99 per month. Even so, you can get started with the no strings attached thanks to the 14-day free trial and decide if it is what you need. I already know that it really is for me!

Do you want to make your working life simpler and more productive? I can only hope you’ll give this app a try. You may grab Newton Mail – Email App for Gmail, Outlook, IMAP right away.

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