Pixel 3 XL Camera: Give a Try to Super Res Zoom

Many have questioned Google’s decision to keep a single-lens camera on the back of its new third-gen Pixel phones. What I can tell you is to rest assured that you get the very best in terms of camera on your Pixel 3 XL device. Google has managed to use software tricks to compensate for all of the features enabled by dual-lens cameras on other phones and here I am to show you how these software tricks work.

This time I am talking about Google’s new Super Res Zoom feature found on your Pixel 3 XL. Super Res Zoom uses a special technique called drizzle, which uses the minor movements of your hand shakes to capture multiple frames from slightly different positions. Even if you stand your Pixel 3 XL smartphone against a wall or on some sort of tripod, the camera shakes on its own to mimic those movements and still capture the frames.

I am sure that you like the sound of it, but even better, thanks to improved algorithms, Google also minimized issues like excessive noise, motion blur or ghosting. This eventually leads to great results in practice, and best of all, it’s incredibly simple to use. There’s no setting to enable or toggle in the camera app as long as Super Res Zoom is permanently working to improve your images when you pinch to zoom, or use the on-screen slider.

So, what do you say? I think that it’s time to put Google’s new “Super Res Zoom” feature on the Pixel 3 XL to the test.

Give a Try to Super Res Zoom on your Pixel Device:

  1. Open the Camera app;
  2. Tap the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner to open the zoom slider or if you find it easier, simply expand with two fingers to zoom;
  3. When the zoom slider appears, it’s time to drag right to increase the zoom;
  4. When you are ready, simply take the shot.

Remember that Google says that Super Res Zoom has a purpose: if you pinch-zoom before pressing the shutter, you’ll get a lot more details in your picture than if you crop afterwards, so the main goal on the Pixel 3 XL device is to capture more detail when zooming into a subject. Do you think that it has been achieved?

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