MiXplorer Silver – the Full-featured Android File Manager you Need

Are you looking for a fast, smooth, reliable and full-featured Android file manager? You are not the only one doing it, be sure of that. There are quite a few options out there for you. To that, you may also want to add a simple and intuitive user interface, but this doesn’t complicate things. Quite the opposite, I think that it simplifies the search. For today, I have one recommendation only.

MiXplorer Silver is the file manager app that I have in mind and you won’t regret trying it out. First of all, you should know that it’s not from Xiaomi as the name might imply. This doesn’t mean though that it doesn’t have all of the basic features you’d want, but they are all here. And they don’t come alone.

Basic features and more

I am talking about the usual copy, paste, file browsing, folder making, and all of that. You know the story, right? You also get USB OTG support, theming, support for popular archive file types (ZIP, RAR and so on), various view modes and sorting options for each folder separately, as well as support for cloud storage providers. Anyway, what sets this MiXplorer Silver app apart from other file managers is its ability to do all sorts of media stuff.

There are video codec plugins waiting for you to make it a full-fledged video player, a PDF plugin for full PDF support, as well as native support for EPUB and other ebook formats. You can also find plugins for additional archive file support and some other stuff. This is surprisingly powerful for a file manager and that’s why I like it so much.

Even more, you should know that the app supports Android 2.0+ (Eclair) devices, so there won’t be any compatibility issues to complain about. What more could you be asking for?

Download MiXplorer Silver into your own Android device right away and give it a try. Then, take your time to get used to it and let me know if you like it too.

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