Samsung Galaxy: Learn to Remove Individual Words from Predictive Text

There is nothing new in having odd words pop-up in your predictive text suggestions can be frustrating, especially if the error recurs several times.

Some may say that you have to reset your keyboard dictionary or use an alternative keyboard. It’s true that if you do not want to lose all your predictive words, but at the same time if don’t want the error to appear again in the future, another keyboard that lets you remove individual words from the predictive suggestion box might be the key.

Not if you own a Samsun Galaxy device though. One important feature that a lot of Android phones have is text prediction, but Samsung knows about the problems that users are often complaining about. So, instead of thinking of a new keyboard, all you have to do is to remove the words that bug you from Predictive Text.

Remove the annoying Individual Words

Start typing a word and stop when the wrong suggestion shows up. Instead of pretending that it is not there, just tap and hold the word when you see it on the predictive text bar. A window will show up and you have the option to Delete or Remove it.

Other predictive text settings

Well, there are quite a few other predictive text settings that you could take a closer look at:

  • Auto replace – this will complete or replace the word you are typing with the most probable word when you tap the space bar or a punctuation mark. Tap this to turn it on or off, as you please;
  • Auto spacing – this setting will automatically insert spaces between words. You may also turn it on or off;
  • Auto punctuate – use it to automatically insert a full stop by tapping the space bar twice;
  • Sound and vibration – the setting is found in Samsung keyboard settings by scrolling down to the key-tap feedback section. You must tap Sound or Vibration to play a sound or vibrate the phone when you type.

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