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Samsung Galaxy Fold might not be the first foldable device ever, but it has something special though. It doesn’t come from an obscure Chinese company and it is indeed the first foldable device that isn’t just a prototype. Even so, are you willing to spend nearly $2000 for such a device?

Though question, right? Some say that the Galaxy S10Plus will set customers back around $1500, while a brand new Galaxy Tab S5e costs around $500.

Combine those numbers and you’ll come out with $2000 – pretty much the same that the Galaxy Fold will set you back when it hits the shelves in any region of the world. Until deciding, I have another suggestion for you: download Samsung’s Galaxy Fold wallpapers on your Android right away.

Th ewallpapers you are about to love

Yes, here we are adding the first wave of Live Wallpapers bundled on the Galaxy Fold. There are five in total, all depicting a butterfly that’s been animated to flap its wings when the handset is unfolded into a tablet. So, they look awesome indeed!

At the same time, each also comes with an accompanying static background, which is used when the device is stowed in its standard smartphone form. These little things make Samsung Galaxy Fold a wonder, but don’t feel sorry for yourself! You can get them too.

Two of these stock wallpapers have a resolution of 2560 x 2560 pixels which is ideal for tablet models. The other three wallpapers are in portrait size though. These have a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, so they are perfect for your Android phone. So, feel free to download them all right away. The zip file linked here the wallpapers contains all the stock wallpapers that you can now get from this device.

These are the stunning Samsung Galaxy Fold Official Wallpapers.

So, wait no longer and download these colorful wallpapers. What else can this Android device offer to its buyers? That’s a story for another day. For now, enjoy the wallpapers and let me know which one is the most interesting one!

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