Learn to Lock Galaxy S9 Plus Home Screen Layout

There probably aren’t too many Android users out there who haven’t accidently moved the home screen icons on their Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Galaxy phones do block touch screen access when they’re in a dark place like a pocket or just a bag. And that’s nothing more than a part of the problem. You may be the one accidentally moving or even deleting an icon from your handset’s home screen.

And things get much nastier when you borrow your phone to someone else, such as a friend or even a child. Let’s think of your routine. You love to customize the Galaxy S9 Plus home screen in many ways. You may use third-party themes, adjust the grid layout, add app folders, remove the Bixby Home from the home screen, pin individual files to the home screen, change wallpapers and so on, but the customization can be instantly wiped by accidental taps.

Kids may delete the widgets from the screen if they get their hands on the screen or you are doing it and it’s just a shame for all that hard work! Samsung thought of that too and brought a major change on Android Pie.

No more accidental moving of home screen icons

The home screen settings now have an option to lock the home screen icons and shortcuts. So, once you have all of your widgets and app icons arranged as you like them to be on your S9 Plus, make sure you lock your home screen layout. You want it this way at least for a while, right?

So, waste no more time and long-press on the home screen. Just select Home screen grid followed by Lock Home screen layout.

Now, if you try to make a move, then drag anything from home screen. You will see that it stays as it is. So, your work is finally safe! By doing this you can make sure your icon setup is not disturbed by keeping your phone in your pocket or by accidentally pressing icons.

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