Galaxy S10 Plus: How to Disable Face Unlock Technology

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series ditched the iris scanner and decided to go for the in-display fingerprint sensor and camera-based face unlock technology. l know that these facial recognition systems implemented in current commercial products don’t perform any type of 3D depth scans of the tested face, but merely look at the position of the eyes, nose, or mouth. Are these enough to authorize a person and unlock a device?

They are for the companies, so that’s why the system can be bypassed by flashing photos or videos in front of the phones’ cameras. I have to remind you of Apple’s approach in which the company uses its sophisticated TrueDepth sensor system for Face ID on the iPhone X and iPhone XS.

While Face ID is more secure and cannot be fooled using such photos, it takes a bit longer to unlock the device. And since it has a higher base accuracy level, it might fail multiple times to unlock the device if the user’s face is not clearly visible unlike the Galaxy S10 Plus.

No facial recognition system is perfect, sure. But when they’re used for security purposes, it’s fair to demand they be as perfect as possible. Face unlock is not even close, so I can only recommend to disable Face Unlock Technology on your S10 Plus.

To be fair, not even Samsung talked much about the facial recognition feature during their official announcement. They must be using some sort of a rudimentary version of the feature that isn’t quite up to the standards we’ve come to expect yet.

So, you know what you have to do. Just disable Face Unlock to make sure nobody can unlock it with a blown up picture of your face.

Detailed procedure:

You can enable face unlock on galaxy S10 Plus by accessing these settings. Go to Settings and enter the Biometrics and security section. Here you will find Face recognition > Turn off toggle face unlock.

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