Solve Screen Burn-in Problem on your OLED Android Device

If you spend long debating the merits of LCD vs OLED display technologies, don’t you imagine that you are the only one admitting both ups and downs of OLED. You are therefore no stranger to the screen burn-in problem that many Android users are complaining about these days. They’re super sharp, super bright and manufacturers use them more and more, but they have one big flaw, and that’s burn-in.

Yes, OLED displays will inevitably suffer from those dreadful looking artifacts over time, while LCD probably won’t, at least not at such a large scale. I must though warn you that the “burn in” term isn’t the best one, as there’s no actual burning involved. Instead, you have to deal with a display that’s suffering from permanent discoloration across any part of the panel. This may take the form of a text or image outline, fading of colors, or other noticeable patches or patterns on the display.

The display still works as it should, but it’s hard to live with those ghost images or discolorations that don’t seem to go away no matter what you do. Speaking of that, is there any way to fix the the screen burn-in problem from your Android device?

There are a few apps available in the Play Store that claim to reduce or even stop the error in the first place. You need an app that’s compatible with your display type, therefore my recommendation for you is none other than OLED Tools.

Grab the OLED Tools from Google Play, install it and then, you will see that the idea is pretty simple: a sequence of primary colors is displayed on your device, restoring the burnt pixels. This actually was the original function of computer screen-savers, so we know how it all works: one dynamic image that appears when the screen is idle to make the pixels exercise and make sure that the same area of display doesn’t remain constantly illuminated.

And the app comes with multi-language support, so you cannot find any better free option to test your OLED display for burn-in, motion blur, as well as sample-and-hold effect.

Therefore, with such an app, I really believe that screen burn in isn’t something that should concern many users if they’re looking to buy a new OLED smartphone. Modern panels have much longer lifespans than early OLED smartphones and OLED Tools come to rescue the day.

Has this app solved the burn-in problem from your Android handset? Let me know what you think of it in the comments area from below.

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