Turn any Phone or Tablet into an eBook Reader with Bookari

You no longer have to visit physical stores to buy books. Some of the best eBook reader apps for Android can now satisfy your curiosity. Finding the right eBook reader apps can be a difficult mission though. There is a variety of eBook types, not to mention all those file formats to deal with, and then there are different kinds of books that make the whole experience even more confusing. However, with the right app, you can turn any phone or tablet into an eBook reader.

Feedly is one of the most popular news apps out there. It comes with integration with Facebook, IFTTT, Twitter, Evernote, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others. And it lets build your own news network from places that you trust. I get why people love it, yet it isn’t the only option out there. Google Feed (formerly Google Now) is also a popular way to get the news. You can choose the topics you care about in the settings and the app adds more topics as it sees you searching for it on the Internet.

Thus, you should get a fairly consistent feed of news about stuff that you have shown interest in before. Bookari might not be that popular, but it is such a simple yet powerful tool where people can manage their content related to a book reading at one place.

Speed and reading comfort

Bookari was once Mantano Reader. The name changed, but not the concept. The app is user friendly, powerful and fast, so speed and reading comfort are guaranteed. I like that it features cross-device syncing. You can also buy books directly from the service. Finally, it supports a variety of eBook formats, including EPUB2, PDF, and not only. Yes, you may now enjoy your PDFs even on smartphones thanks to the advanced PDF support, with lightning-fast vertical and horizontal scroll, or Pan & Zoom.

The app has a slightly different set of features for each different file type. And if you want, you may edit your book details in a very simple way: title, author, language, publisher. Or organize them in collections, manage their tags and find them instantly with quick access filters or with the search function.

The free version contains advertising while the $5.49 pro version does not. So, the final choice is all yours! Grab Bookari Free Ebook Reader right away.

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