How to Get the DC Dimming Feature on your OnePlus 7 Pro

The OnePlus 7 is already receiving its first update – OxygenOS 9.5.4. This update claims to improve the camera performance of the smartphone, bring tweaks for smooth scrolling and an optimized algorithm for in-display fingerprint unlock sensor, along with that awesome DC Dimming feature you might have heard about too.

OnePlus updated the OnePlus 7 Pro to get the DC Dimming feature as well. OnePlus 7 Pro has also received its own update with DC Dimming and other optimizations. DC Dimming is one of the newest OnePlus Laboratory features. It adjusts the brightness of the screen and lowers screen flickering in a low brightness setting.

This basically saves eyes from unnecessary strain when using it in low-brightness. This DC Dimming feature uses DC voltage to control the light output of the LED. At this point, smartphones use Pulse Width Modulation which causes the screen to flicker at low brightness levels. And in the context of LCD displays that have a backlight, PWM is about switching the backlight on and off at high frequency. This is done at a fast pace and your eyes perceive the combined effect as low brightness. For instance, to achieve 50 percent brightness, the backlight needs to be on and off for the same time.

However, the issue is that some people are more sensitive to this backlight switching and are affected by this flicker, particularly at low brightness. For such users, using phones that use PWM in low light results in eye fatigue and even severe headaches sometimes. That’s where the DC Dimming feature steps in.

It is a beta feature but if you wish to enable it, who am I to tell you otherwise? Just tread cautiously with it since it can turn out to be buggy at times. We will most likely see a better version of it in the future updates, yet waiting isn’t my thing either.

How to Get the DC Dimming Feature on your OnePlus 7 Pro:

  1. Open Settings;
  2. Scroll down and select Utilities;
  3. Tap on OnePlus Laboratory;
  4. While there, you need to tap on DC dimming and toggle the switch to activate.

With DC Dimming, you will notice different colors at different brightness levels.

And note that Xiaomi is another OEM who has added DC Dimming support to Mi 9. The Black Shark 2 device, which is a gaming phone also has DC Dimming support, so maybe it will turn into a trend in the near future.

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