Samsung to Release New 5- and 6-Inch Android Smartphones in 2014

The famous Korean smartphone manufacturer is on a constant development, trying to find solutions to keep up with its top competitors on the market. The Samsung`s future plans include a new era of big screen smartphones, by compressing the current 5-inch resolution to 6-inch, apart from what it involves its tablets. We are talking about big screens that will come with more complex resolution and pixel density.

Executive director Hyunjoon Kim at Samsung has declared that the Korean phone manufacturer has been the major dealer in the big screen market, ever since the release of the first Samsung Galaxy Note phablet in 2011, and that the company is now planning to include its 6-inch lineup smartphones, aside from the already released 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega. The 6-inch smartphones would also bear pixel densities of 560 ppi and 4K resolution that the lineup received last year in November.

As our source states, beside the big screens for the next generation of Samsung smartphones, the devices will also receive some improvements to the phones` Multi-Window or to the functionality of the S Pen stylus that would make these devices extremely competitive.

Samsung to release new 5 and 6 inch Android smartphones in 2014

Samsung to release new 5 and 6 inch Android smartphones in 2014

Apart from the new lineup of 6-inch smartphones, the company is also planning to renew its tablets, as shown at the second analyst meeting that Samsung had last year in South Korea. The news is backed up by the recent launch of the company`s four tablets at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, namely the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2-inch, Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 inch, Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1-inch and Galaxy Tab Pro with 8.4-inch. As you could see, the first two tablets sport the biggest displays in the tablet lineup of the company.

We would receive fresh news in the upcoming period, so we will keep you posted. In case you dig something closely related to these news, please do share them with us.

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