Android to Welcome Mozilla Firefox Launcher

With the occasion of InContext Conference in San Francisco, Mozilla showed off the upcoming Firefox Launcher for Android this Wednesday. The Firefox Launcher is yet to come in the following weeks and is actually a homescreen launcher specially prepared for Android. The screen may be seen as a substitute developed by EverythingMe, the Israeli computing startup, and Mozilla. The famous web interface Mozilla announced the forthcoming of the Firefox Launcher on their blog, stating that the app is still in the workings and will be available in a beta version pretty soon.

As our source also confirms, the Firefox Launcher would come as the perfect opportunity of offering suggestions, ideas and smart searches once the app is installed on the device. For instance, when waking up in the morning, the Launcher will be showing all the info you need regarding the weather forecast or other apps that you need to start up the day, like the horoscope, the traffic set for the day and so on.

Android to Welcome Mozilla Firefox Launcher

Android to Welcome Mozilla Firefox Launcher

In the afternoon, the Firefox Launcher will show you the apps that are connected to the user`s work, calendar, eating or resting places. What is very interesting and also convenient about the Firefox Launcher, is the fact that it will filter all the apps that the users would need, according to the keywords used on that matter.

On their blog, Mozilla noted that Firefox Launcher would be the easiest way to find out everything one might need in any moment of the day, with optimized features to be used with a single touch on the device`s screen.

Everything.Me backs-up Mozzila integrate the contextual adaptive app with the help of the Firefox Web browser, in order to offer users “a personalized and customizable Web experience that is fun and intuitive”, to state Mozilla.

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