New Customizable HTC One Double Dip Case Version

Are you afraid to use a case for your HTC One due to the fact that it might take some of its stylish look? You should think better before taking such a decision; there is no need for us to tell you what a huge difference can a case make for your device when it comes to offering protection and keeping it as it was when you have bought it in the first place as more as possible. If you are though thinking of this possibility, you have taken the right decision, especially when it comes to the latest news regarding HTC’s official accessories such as the Double Dip hard shell case. To be more specific, the company has just released a new customizable version of its HTC One Double Dip case that comes with something truly special.

What is Different this time?

Are you looking for something different than what the previous HTC One Double Dip Case has to offer? If you remember well, its top speaker grill portion is completely red, while the bottom is a dark grey, also followed by a light grey color on the back.

New Customizable HTC One Double Dip Case Version

New Customizable HTC One Double Dip Case Version

This time, the new customizable HTC One Double Dip Case gives you the ability to choose from a variety of different colors for the top, center and the bottom of the case as well. To be more precise, there are no less than six color choices: atlantis, bright peach, glacier gray, navy blazer, neon lemon, as well as pastel blue. And as long as the case is made up of three different parts, you can even combine the colors just as you might want and you’ll probably be surprised by the final result.

Colors have always been a subjective thing, so we can only say that it is the perfect time to let your imagination run free and discover what fits your handset nicely!

Price and Abilities

For those interested, the new customizable Double Dip case currently sells for $29.99; and don’t forget that its abilities are unchanged: we are talking about full protection, the case still covering the entire aluminum body, of course with the exception of HTC One’s screen.

So, although this HTC One is such an elegant Android handset, don’t hesitate to throw it into a case, as our source also suggests! And the company’s new customization option will still make you feel as the owner of a unique handset, also adding some “spice” in its appearance!

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