Dropbox Unveils Carousel and Mailbox for Android & iOS

Dropbox team has been quite busy in the last few days, bringing yet two applications. However, the first one is not a port, and it was launched for Android and iOS at the same time. The application in question is called Carousel, a gallery app that organizes all your Dropbox photos and videos in a way in which you can manage them much easier and simpler.

The team plans to make Carousel a social experience, and it is meant to build private conversation into the application. Basically, this idea is for family members and their friends to recall memorable events in a simple and efficient manner. This application will offer the ability to group not only your photos, but also the ones others have shared with you during time.

Carousel groups all photos and videos in a way in which users will be familiar with the approaches based on location and date. In the same time, there is a strong emphasis on the social angle of the application. As you can see, this is a mix between an instant messenger app and gallery app.

At this point, everything is stored with your Dropbox account, and you will be able to review those recorded moments any time you want since they will be always accessible and shareable with those in your life, running the Carousel application.

As happens with new community apps, Carousel needs members to make it viable. Since it is a Dropbox product, I am sure that its adoption rate will be actually pretty high. Dropbox even plans to expand their membership base along with the introduction of Carousel.

Now, in what concerns the other big release of Dropbox, the Mailbox application has managed to make its way through the Android market.

Mailbox was launched initially on iOS last year, and most users were impressed by its ability to efficiently manage a flood of emails. As expected, Android users wanted to share the same experience and they required a Mailbox application for Android, as well. Now, the newly updated version of Mailbox is on Android for users to try it out with the Gmail and iCloud account.

Its main feature is swipe control. Users are able to swipe left or right on messages for different actions, but the length of swipe controls the effects. For instance, a short swipe will store the message, while a long swipe will delete it. In the same time, Mailbox supports threaded conversations and uses Gmail labels for you to better organize your emails.

As you can see, both Carousel and Mailbox are quite intriguing apps. Feel free to download and try them out, and then share your thoughts in the comment section bellow.

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