Impossible Road on Google Play Store, after iOS Domination

The famous game Impossible Road that has had a massive impact on iOS geeks and gamers, has finally arrived on Google Play Store, and can be yours for just $1.99. The addictive game first appeared on iOS last year and it gradually became more and more popular amongst the Android lovers. The game received an award last year as one of the best apps in the Apple App Store.

With the game just hitting the Google Play Store, the Impossible Road already earned a 4.6 average star rating, with positive reviews of around 99%. A lot of users have stated their opinions on the game, along with some advice for the game`s creator, like a choice of gyroscope support, that might let you control the ball by tilting your Android smartphone.

What features Impossible Road?

The game is about the “Vessel”, a white ball that has to be guided on a blue-infinite road. You have to guide the ball on these roads without falling off. Imagine that you are instead guiding, or driving if you like, the car on the road, trying to keep the car from not falling off the road.

To keep the ball on the track, you have to use the screen, by tapping on the left or on the right. A tip that you might use: you can let the ball jump off the track from time to time and follow a shortcut, but otherwise, the ball must be taken back to the track, because the game will end if you stay in the air too long.

Along the road, you have to go through some checkpoints in order to gain points, and there are some secret ways of earning more points along the game. But for you to find out about the tricky ways of gaining more points, you will first have to hit the Google Play Store to purchase the game.

In case you tried out the game, don’t be a stranger and share your opinions on the Impossible Road. Is it that impossible to be crossed with the ball without falling off? Did you score high or did you find the secret way of gaining more points? Cheers and don’t forget to write!

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