How to Get Rid of Old WhatsApp Files with Junk Photo & Video Cleaner – Stash

I am sure that you love it and it is a part of your life, but there are though a few major drawbacks to using WhatsApp. One of them is that the app can be a quite a storage hog, and can take up valuable space on your handset, so I bet that you are wondering if there is any way to remove old WhatsApp files from Android. Forwarded media files on WhatsApp can truly mess up the internal storage of an Android phone.

Like most users out there, you probably receive a lot of greetings, memes and funny selfies from your contacts. These files are fun to get at a certain point, but there’s no reason to keep them forever. Indeed, over time, the photos and videos will accumulate, taking up increasing amounts of storage and severely slowing down your device that doesn’t needs this. And it gets even worse if you’re a part of quite a few active WhatsApp groups, so such a procedure is a must from time to time.

What can you do now? Well, you could go into your Android and delete the entire media folder for WhatsApp, but Junk Photo & Video Cleaner – Stash is a faster and more user-friendly way of doing it. Stash Junk Photo and Video Cleaner is an app that comes with various features and the most notable one among them is its incredibly fast AI. This AI helps in quickly sifting through the image files and processing images in batches means forgetting about manually dousing the cleaning by yourself.

The app learns which images are important to you and which are junk photos and it also knows when you are running out of space suggesting you to clean images daily. Like that, you don’t have to worry about Storage Space again. Have I convinced you about the advantages of using such an app?

If I have, in order to clear the files, just tap on the Clean WhatsApp Junk button and that’s it. Junk Photo & Video Cleaner – Stash waits to be grabbed right now.

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