Android L Theme for CM11 based ROMs: Download it now

Are you too curious to wait for Android L to come? As you probably know, both Google Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 devices have received the developer Android L previews, but there is no reason to be worried about if you don’t own either of these handsets.

You still can experience Google’s latest Android software on other CM11 based ROMs. This is possible thanks to a XDA developer PixCM who has released an Android L Theme for the CM11 theme engine.

Android L Theme: Los of Features and Compatibility

This Android L Theme seems to have a generous list of features, including notification sound from L release, coloured action Bars, lockscreen wallpapers, Flat Design, themed action bar, buttons, new Network Indicators, new font, new navigation bar Icons, new wallpaper, themed calculator, new colors in each app, new Boot Animation, as well as new Ringtones from L release.

We know that all these might sound more than tempting, but we must warn you from the start that this Android L Theme that we are talking about is only compatible with the new CM11 theme engine. Therefore, do not use it as an icon pack for launchers, but install it only if you are the owner of a handset that has a CM11 Theme Chooser compatible ROM already installed.

Install Android L Theme on your handset

We can tell you from the start that installing the theme is very easy as it does not include any complicated steps; you just have to install it as you did with any other theme before. To be more precise, just use one the link that can be found at the end of the article and go to Settings > Themes > Theme packs > Choose Android L theme > Check all available options > Update.

Android L theme Paid version

Do you know that there is also another Android L theme for CM11 in the Play Store? This one comes from another developer, but it is a paid version, so we still recommending the PixCM’s theme as it offers what you want for free.

But if you still want to give it a try, among the features of this paid version we can mention: Boot Animation System UI, Navigation bar buttons, Settings App UI, Checkboxes, Radio buttons, Switch buttons, new Wallpapers, new Sounds, as well as framework resources and more to come with the following updates.

Download PixCM’s Android L Theme for CM11 directly from here.

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