Asphalt 8 Available on Google Play store

A new Android game from Gameloft comes in front of us. Asphalt 8 is a racing game and it looks like one of the best from Asphlat. Last month it was unveiled the expected teaser trailer and it left a good impression regarding the graphics. The details make the difference. The cars, the race tracks are shown in a big and polished way which give to the mobile user such a nice experience when playing Asphalt 8 for Android. The entire game it was build from 0, they didn’t use anything from the earlier versions. Moreover, Gameloft threaten with a very strong affirmation saying that Asphalt will be one of the best games yet.

As our source mentions, the new game have a great graphic and lots of race tracks using impressive shades, car great details, real time lighting and many other unannounced yet. The experience offered to the users is novel through the freedom given to them, the new physics engine and also the multi player option. The Asphalt 7 was a success and offered great experience for the eyes of the players, but the Asphalt 8 is announced to be much better, can you imagine? When you play a game graphics may make you believe you are there for real and help you transpose your mind, spirit and forget about your body, right there in the middle of the events. Sometimes, when you play something and you are very concentrate, for example playing racing games, you discover that you do some specific movements with your body when you hit the break, get a curve or hit another car from the road.

Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8

You can measure the quality and grade of experience which Asphalt 8 can give to you. As it is presented, the new racing game has good surprises for us. You can give it a shot here: httpv://

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