Google Applications for Project Ara Developer Boards

Are you a developer with a great project in mind? Google has just announced that it is taking applications on the Project Ara website. These developer boards are designed to facilitate the development of Ara modules, so this might be your chance to show what you are capable of!

As Google announced, anyone has the chance to apply, but only some of you will be provided the board. But this should not disappoint you! Just trust your technical expertise and module idea and you’ll have all the chances to be chosen for improvement.

Project Ara: a Smartphone that may be Custom-Made

For those of you who don’t know, we have previously talked about Project Ara and the main reason for that is as simple as it can be: the idea of a smartphone that may be custom-made to every customers’ tastes is really exciting, something that we have never heard about or seen before.

The replaceable modules of the Project Ara smartphone are supposed to allow customers to swap out items such as cameras, processors, storage, batteries, Bluetooth, different connectivity radios and possibly even more.

Don’t you want to be a part of that? This chance for a developer board will permit you to make additional modules a part of normality. Why not having a module that holds a thermometer, barometer, altimeter and even some health professionals elements such as a heart fee monitor, glucose monitor and so on?

At this point, everything seems possible, despite of the fact that we are only taking about a smartphone and if you want even more details, don’t hesitate to hit the Venture Ara web site! There you’ll find out the answers to all your questions! And if you still have any question left, just use the comments area below and contact us! We are here to help you, don’t forget that!

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