Paranoid Android Launches 4.5 Alpha 1 Build

Do you know that Paranoid Android has just launched the first build that incorporates an apps interface that looks just like Android L? As you are already guessing, this interface is available in PA 4.5 Alpha 1, a preview build that gives us the chance to see the design changes that we’ll later receive. In these conditions, you should know from the start that there may be a few issues and inconsistencies when it comes to its functionality and even in appearance, but this is something that it usually happens with any preview build.

Due to that, we don’t recommend this 4.5 Alpha 1 build in case of you are looking for a stable, experience for your phone. But if you are eager to experiment and you are not afraid of trying something new, we know that the idea of a 4.5 Alpha 1 build is as pleasant as it can be!

Like that, you’ll discover an interface which is inspired by the card-based recent apps that Google has previewed in its Android L release, the official changelog including the following changes:

4.5 Alpha 1 Build Changelog:

  • Several ParanoidOTA fixes and cleanup;
  • Theme Engine upstream patches;
  • Fixed daydream duplicates;
  • Quicksettings fixes;
  • If Pie is enabled via on the spot, then it will be activated in all apps that use immersive mode.

We know that all these are tempting, so the Paranoid Android team has prepared another stable branch as well. We are talking about PA 4.43 which is expected to contain fewer bug fixes, so this is practically an invitation to give them a chance!

There is just one thing stopping you: PA 4.5 Alpha 1 and PA 4.43 builds are currently available only for all modern Nexus devices, but we are sure that ROMs for many other devices will soon become available on the project page, so stay tuned!

We’ll soon come back with freah details about this 4.5 Alpha 1 build and not only!

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